Michael Cook Toronto, 1997.

Studio recordings (full-length .mp3 files no longer available as of 2008-06-12):

"North York Skyline" (1997) 
"Orangeville and The Crowded Night" (1999)  
"Glass Half Full" (2001)

Other recordings:

"Blue Horizon - Live at Holy Joe's" (2002, preview)
"Songs from a Dusty Room"
(2004, preview

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What some folks have said about Michael Cook:

"Endearingly homemade acoustic folk music, distinguished by a wired intensity and basement-bred confidence. A slightly off-kilter outsider artist whose forceful playing and singing recall Lead Belly or Beck's acid-washed folk experiments. This guy’s raw sound is very refreshing in our age of over-produced VH-1 folk stars."

-- AudioGalaxy 10/2000, reviewing 1997 CD "North York Skyline"

"I’m a tad late this week because, as they say, the brain goes first.  I forgot to bring my copy of features and hosts home with me.  Luckily, I have friends in low places.  Michael Cook is a high-profile musician in this town.  His music is fascinating and fresh, his personality engaging.  A natural host for the Café."

 -- Ken Bilton, host of Café at the Centre, Toronto, writing to announce the show June 2nd, 2002.

"I've had the pleasure of seeing Michael play numerous times and have always looked forward to his performances.  His songs cover diverse "slices of life" and are supported by dexterous and interesting guitar playing.  Michael also brings a dry humor to the proceedings, so that his presentation and his performance are always something to look forward to."

        -- Bernie Schmidt, longstanding member of the Songwriters Association of Canada, former member of Advisory Council to the SAC Directors, Host of the Monthly SAC Song Stage, and performer at the SAC BlueBird North Songwriter Showcase in Toronto.  (Bernie has two CDs out, and -- with co-writer with Jody Gibson -- recently had the Number One Song for four weeks on Reed's Independent Country Top 40).  12/2002.

"This guy's a gunslinger" 

        -- Dan Frechette, 18/2/2003. 

"I've played a few shows with this cat and he's a very polished, structured, and yet still soulful act." 

        -- Jay Ewert, 2003/05/09

"Very talented and professional ... wicked guitar playing!"  -- RTAO, 8/15/2003

"This guy's a real troubadour -- in the old sense of the word." -- Long Bear, 8/15/2003

"He should be shot!"  --  Elspeth Cook, aged 93, 2001

"Always entertaining."  --  Dan Stupich, 9/10/2004.

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Gigs and other appearances


    To be announced.

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More info about Michael Cook


Singer/songwriter mostly performing own compositions solo with guitar.  Some unaccompanied voice, some keyboard and vocals. See also Bio and Press kit.


Acoustic Folk/Blues/Country/Rock/Scottish/Jazz/U-name-it. 

Sounds like

"Nobody I ever heard of?"


Too numerous to mention.


Touring where? 

"Any place I have a gig".

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"North York Skyline" (1997)
"Orangeville and The Crowded Night" (2000)
"Glass Half Full" (2001)
"Money, Cars, and Affairs of the Heart" (Compilation 2003)

Song descriptions can be found in the Press kit.

Song lyrics are here.

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Saturday January 22nd 2005, Regal Beagle, Winnipeg MB (guest appearance accompanying 
Derrick McCandless with Roger Fournier on washtub bass).

"Unwholesome Prison Train Wreck" (J.Cash, with additional words by M.Cook).

Wednesday November 3 2004, Regal Beagle, Winnipeg MB, (open mic., host)

Live in the now
Your Green Hat

Saturday October 9 2004, Regal Beagle, Winnipeg MB (opening for Savatsky, Sylvestro and Funk)

The Plague
Nothing to be done about it
She might be in Jerusalem  /  I Love my Darling (short version)
I heard a rumour
I saw a deer last night
All right now (short version)
Jack of Speed (Becker, Fagen)
You know and I know (short version)
Learning to let you go
Wrong place baby

Monday October 4th 2004, 15:00-17:00, "Folk Us" with host John Prentiss, UM-FM 101.5 Winnipeg.

Ain't Too Proud To Beg (short version)
Clawhammer medley: Freight Train/Don't Think Twice It's All Right/House of the Rising Sun (LIVE)
Take Us To Your Leader (short version, (LIVE)
Done Left Here (F.McDowell) (LIVE)
You Tell Me (Afterglow)
There's something going on around here (short version, LIVE)
Don't send my heart back to jail.

Saturday September 25 2004, Regal Beagle (impromptu jam with Brad Fenwick and Peter, et al.)

Saturday September 25 2004, Carnegie's Deli, 286 Donald Street, Winnipeg MB, Derrick McCandless CD release

Friday September 24 2004, West End Cultural Centre, MISC Fall concert (set)

Wednesday September 22 2004, Regal Beagle (open mic.)

Thanks to "Danzig" for setting me straight.

Tuesday September 21 2004, 6:30-09:00, The Big Breakfast, A-Channel TV, Winnipeg MB

Wednesday September 15 2004, Regal Beagle (open mic.)

Friday September 10 2004, Academy Bar and Eatery (set at monthly MISC event)

Wednesday September 8 2004, Regal Beagle (open mic.)

Wednesday August 25 2004, Regal Beagle (open mic.)

Wednesday August 18 2004, Regal Beagle (open mic,)

Wednesday May 12 2004, Regal Beagle (open mic.)

Saturday March 27 2004, Saxton Theatre Coffee House

Friday November 28 2003, Manitoba Independent Songwriter's Circle Fall Concert, West End Cultural Centre, Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg

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