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ASCII codes for regular alphabet:

Decimal values of upper case ASCII characters
5    0    5    0    5    0    5

Decimal values of lower case ASCII characters
5    0    5    0    5    0    5

ASCII control characters include:

^@      Ctrl+@ null character    NUL \0 0x00 octal 00 decimal  0
        Ctrl+I horizontal tab    HT  \t 0x09 octal 11 decimal  9
^J      Ctrl+J line feed         LF  \n 0x0A octal 12 decimal 10
^K      Ctrl+K
^L      Ctrl+L form feed         FF  \f 0x0C octal 14 decimal 12
^M      Ctrl+M carriage return   CR  \r 0x0D octal 15 decimal 13

Here there are THREE NULs >< coded as:

Here there are THREE NULs >^@^@^@<

Here there are THREE Ctrl+M> <
coded as:

Here there are THREE Ctrl+M>^M^M^M<.

Neither special character will show in "View Source" in your browser.