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Wireless networking brings all sorts of factors come into play that you probably didn't think you would want to know about when purchasing your equipment.  Things like the quality of your building construction, "electronic pollution", and so on.

If you are serious about transferring lots of data and/or security and/or reliability, please use a wired connection to save yourself a lot of heartache and time.

If you are still having wireless signal problems, check out sites such as (their Wireless forum), and

Apple OSX Airport with Linksys WPC54G

Earlier problems with Linksys PCMCIA/Cardbus cards have now been resolved.

Using a Linsys WRT54G router and '54G card on OSX 10.2.8 with the latest available Airport driver (2.1.1), I found the card worked right out of the box on my Mac PBG3 using all the defaults. (2004-05 and 2004-08.)

The Apple interfaces are intuitive. Just turn Airport on, and you should be ready to go.  Of course, if you screw up making changes to MAC filtering, SSID, or WEP key, etc. before starting over, you will have to:

  1. Reset the router to factory defaults (e.g. SSID = "linksys", not using WEP or MAC filtering, etc.)
  2. Reconfigure the client accordingly.

Handy Links

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Other Resources

LinkSys WRT54G information

As of 1/2008, see also these documents at Linksys:

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