How to Configure DUN for RASPPPOE (short version)


The following applies to Windows 2000.  (This is an early version of the document, used to collect the text).


1) Start/Settings/Network and Dial-up Connections:



2) Select "Connection through...".  Right mouse click, and then click on Properties:




3) Note the adapter specified for RASPPPOE.


4) Click on Options:



5) Click on Security:



6) Click on Networking:



7) Click on Properties:



8) Set “Obtain an IP address automatically”, and set “Use the following DNS Server addresses” using the following addresses:


            - (Specify both as required)


9) Click on Advanced:



10) Click on DNS.  Specify your own DNS addresses.  (These ones are for Bell Sympatico in Toronto ON):




11) Click on WINS:



12) Click on Options:



13) Click on Properties:



14) Click on OK four times (until the Properties notebook is saved and closed).




Michael Cook