How to set up OSX 10.4 to print to a "Win Printer"

This document describes how to set up OSX 10.4 to print to an HP Deskjet 720C shared from Windows XP SP2.

First get the packages you will need:

After installing the egsp and pp* packages in that order, and then rebooting OSX, I was able to define the printer as follows:

  1. Go into System Preferences
  2. Go into Printers and Faxes
  3. Click on "+" while pressing the Option key.
  4. In the "Printer Browser" window, select "Default Printer".
  5. Then click on "More Printers".
  6. Then select "Windows Printer" and "Workgroup".
  7. The hostname of my OSX box appears: select it and then click on "Choose".
  8. Sign in using the username and password combination for Windows XP as I use on the Mac, and check "Remember this password on my keychain".
  9. The share name for the printer appears, e.g. "HPGJ720C".
  10. Select this and then select the printer model as "HP Deskjet 720C Foomatic/pnm2ppa".
  11. Click on "Add".
  12. The printer now appears in "Printer List" as "HPDJ720C".
  13. If you "show info" for the printer, then this appears: