Windows XP SP2 Device Manager Screens

Windows XP SP2 Device Manager Screens. 1

Enabling an encrypted wireless connection. 1

Wireless Connection Status in the System Notification Area. 9

View Available Wireless Networks. 10

Enabling an encrypted wireless connection

Click Start then Control Panel.


By default, the Control Panel opens in “Category View”:



Click on “Switch to Classic View”, and scroll down to find “System”:



Double-click on “System” to open “System Properties”:


Click on the “Hardware” tab:


Click on the “Device Manager” button.

The Device Manager opens:


Select (e.g.) “Network adapters”, and click on the “+” sign to expand this part of the device list:


The red crosses show that both network adapters are disabled. 

Double-click on the icon for the Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter:

Note that “This device is disabled (Code 22)”.

Click on “Enable” to enable the device:

Click “Next”:

The Device Manager now looks like this:


Wireless Connection Status in the System Notification Area

When the Wireless-G Network Adapter is enabled, a new icon will appear in the System Notification Area  (“System Tray”). This icon will change its appearance as Windows XP attempts to connect automatically.


“Not connected” (a red X appears to the lower right of the icon):



“Acquiring network address” (an oscillating yellow dot appears):



The connection may appear to be up:



The connection may then revert to “Limited or no connectivity” (black exclamation mark on a yellow field):: 



If so, this is most likely because the network needs a WEP key.

Right-mouse click on the wireless network connection icon and then click on “View Available Wireless Networks”.

View Available Wireless Networks




This screen confirms that a network key is required. 

At this stage the default TCP/IP settings will provide a 169.* IP address.

Use Start/Run/Cmd/ipconfig to check:


Click on “Disconnect” in the previous screen:


Click on “Yes”.

Windows searches for networks in range:


The network is found as before.  Click on “Connect”.  You will then be prompted for your WEP key.  Enter the key TWICE and then click on “Connect”:




The network connection will usually be established within fifteen seconds: