Windows 7 Ultimate RC1 - collected screenshots

Screenshots in /Library/WebServer/Documents/htdocs/ - for reference purposes.

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IE8.1.WorkingOffline.PNG W F F2
IE8.2.PNG W F F2
IE8.3.MenuBar.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.1.Desktop.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.1a.DT2.StartMenu.1.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.1a.DT2.StartMenu.2.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.1b.DT3.ConnectionPopUp.1.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.1b.DT3.ConnectionPopUp.2.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.1c.DT4.RightMouseClickIconInTaskbar.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.2.CP.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.2.CPsmallicons.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.2.WindowsExplorer.1.HomeGroup.1.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.2.WindowsExplorer.1.HomeGroup.2.ViewPasswd.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.2.WindowsExplorer.1.HomeGroup.3.ChangeHomeGrpSettings.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.2.WindowsExplorer.2.Computer.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.2.WindowsExplorer.3.Network.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.1.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.2.mgewinets.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.2a.mgewinetsAdd1.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.2b.mgewinetsAdd2.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.2b.mgewinetsAdd3.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.3.chadaptset-netwkconns.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.3a.chadaptset-wiconnstatus.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.3b.chadaptset-wiconndetails1.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.3c.chadaptset-wiconndetails2.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.3d.chadaptset-wiconnwisecgeneral.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.3e.chadaptset-wiconnwisecsecurity.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.3f.chadaptset-wiconnproperties1.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.3g.chadaptset-wiconnproperties2IPV4.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.4.chadvsharset.1.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.4.chadvsharset.2.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.5.homegroupopt.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.3.NASC.9.netmap.PNG W F F2
Win7UltRC1.4.DevMgr.Properties.1.GeneralTab.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.4.DevMgr.Properties.2.AdvancedTab.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.4.DevMgr.Properties.3.DriverTab.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.4.DevMgr.Properties.4.DetailsTab.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.4.DevMgr.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.5.CustTaskbar1.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.5.CustTaskbar2.CustSM1.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.5.CustTaskbar2.CustSM2.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.5.CustTaskbar2.CustSM3.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.5.CustTaskbar2.CustSM4.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.5.CustTaskbar2.CustSM5.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.5.CustTaskbar2.a.png W F F2
Win7UltRC1.5.CustTaskbar3.png W F F2

Number of png|PNG|jpg files was 46; directory raw file name count was 67; images files processed count was 47.
Last updated 2009-12-22