Java(TM) 2 Alarm Clock Version 4

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Brought to you by courtesy of Skyline Research:)


  1. Original 1998 version used Symantec Cafe and JDK 1.1.8
  2. Current classes generated using Java(TM) 2 version "1.5.0_13" on OSX 10.4.11
  3. To run this applet use the Sun Java Plug-in. For example, to specify this for IE6 on Windows 2000, use Control Panel/Java Plug-in/Browser and select the Sun Java Plug-in.
  4. Known bugs as of 2008-02-21:
    1. Deprecated calls (since Java 1.3 or so)
    2. Main does not run (must run as an applet, also since JDK 1.3 or so) due to "Null Pointer Exception". See Java bug report # 4456393.

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