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nsu - A collection of Network and Systems Management Utilities in Bash

nsu provides a set of Bash scripts and associated files that can be used to help simplify and even automate regular tasks on a home server:

  • nsu main utility
  • nsu.conf commands list for main utility
  • nsu-go script to execute the entire package in an xterm
  • nsu-lsof monitor active connections using lsof
  • nsu-nsloop monitor active connections using netstat
  • nsu-pingtest monitor hosts using ping
  • nsu-pingtest.hosts.conf hosts list used by nsu-pingtest
  • nsu-readlog script used with cat to monitor Apache logs and highlight errors
  • nsu-syslog script used to monitorsystem.log
  • nsu-BUG*.txt package bug history
  • nsu-README.*.txt package overview and install information.

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Download nsu.v1.4.tgz released 2014-04-23

Download nsu.v1.3.tgz released 2012-09-17

Previous version nsu.v1.2.tgz released 2012-04-22

Previous version nsu.v1.1.tgz released 2011-05-29

Original version nsu.v1.tgz.

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2014-04-23 v1.4
2012-09-17 v1.3
2012-05-06 added more images
2012-04-22 v1.2
2011-05-29 v1.1 bug fixes
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2011-05-27 v1.