Skyline Writing Services
6080545 Canada Inc.

We are pleased to offer professional writing, editing, and publishing services over the Internet.

We specialize in the creation of training and marketing materials, user manuals, directories, and reference documentation for your products, services, and organization.

Other writing services we can provide:

Copywriting and Editing
Anglicization and Spell checking
Indexing and preparing tables of contents and figures
Document formatting and packaging, including book creation in various formats
Publishing and copyright protections
Printing and Translation (through third parties)
Creating technical diagrams
Writing to order.

 Our prospective clients include academics, businesses, churches,
students, researchers, and other organizations.

We can work with and create or convert documents and manuscripts in most formats, including:

Adobe Acrobat and InDesign
DocBook, HTML, HTMLHelp, RTF
Open Office and Microsoft Word

Please E-mail us or call 204.470.3093 for personal advice and a quotation.
Where necessary, we select and retain specialist expertise for our clients on a per project basis.

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