About 6080545 Canada Inc. and Skyline subsidiaries

6080545 Canada Inc.

6080545 Canada Inc. is a federal corporation operating under the following trade names.
Our registered office is at 200-5 Donald Street, Winnipeg MB R3L 2T4, Tel. 204.452.2720
[As of 1/2005 this corporation is inactive, and the following information no longer applies.]

Skyline Productions?

Skyline Productions is a small independent record label,
manufacturing and publishing music CDs.
For more information go here.
[As of 1/2005 these activities are performed by the artists themselves.]

Skyline Research :)

Provides our IT infrastructure for services and development activities.
[As of 1/2005, these activities are personal use only.]

Skyline Services

Works for and advises software industry and other clients in the areas of Training, Technical Writing, Product and Project Management, Software Packaging, Testing, Usability, and Systems Management. We previously operated in Ontario as Skyline Services Inc, founded in January 2000. For more information go here.
[As of 1/2005 this business is inactive.]

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