Money, Cars, and Affairs of the Heart
Michael Cook (Compilation 2003)


 1) Live in the now  2) Back in my body again
 3) Wrong place baby  4) Ainít sitting waiting for no call from you
5) I saw a deer last night  6) Last night
7) I canít keep from crying sometimes (words W.Johnson)  8) Money, money, money
9) Vulnerable must be my middle name  10) Storefront heart
11) Blue Horizon (recorded live at Holy Joeís, Toronto)

Track 1 is from "Orangeville and the Crowded Night" 1999, recorded by Karen Kane.
Tracks 9 and 10 are from "North York Skyline" 1997, recorded by Bill Petrie.
Track 11 recorded by John Stewart Campbell, 6/19/2002.
All other tracks are from "Glass Half Full" 2001, recorded by Karen Kane.

Canadian content: all "MAPL" except track 7 "AP". Member of SOCAN, CMRRA, AVLA. 

Limited edition compilation. All tracks edited 10/2003, Winnipeg, MB.
See referenced album pages for other production credits.

All words and music Copyright © 1997-2002 Michael Cook except track 7 as shown above. All rights reserved.

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